An aftermarket modification for the cost concious overclocker perhaps but outside the remit of this review sadly. The card ships in a Retail package which includes: It does a number of clever things such as optimising memory accesses by splitting them up into smaller chunks so that less bandwidth is wasted and more can be put to good use. The chip operates at MHz. Besides, at the similar performance level, the 4xS mode provides a sharper image.

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With games coming out more and more frequently that only run well on DX8 class accelerators abit siluro gf4 mx-se turning off features or dropping resolution, we have to say that the performance was disappointing. But the performance drop is considerable, and sometimes it is greater m-se that of the Ti Other cards out there are DirectX 8 compliant for the same price, mxs-e it bait runs Quake 3 and a few other games at blinding speed.

As well as the integrated features abit siluro gf4 mx-se raw performance figures, there are 3 technologies present on the GPU that are worth looking at before checking out the card itself.

Radeon RX and cards will be available from July. The tests were carried out in a bit color mode. Dropping the graphics quality down would have an appreciable difference on performance but it’s nice to enable what rendering features you can. Overclocking the card doesn’t have much effect on performance which points us to the fact that we might be CPU limited but this is more due to the CPU having to do work that abit siluro gf4 mx-se GPU should maybe be doing, not because the GPU abit siluro gf4 mx-se sitting idle.

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Without the benefit of being able to run the Nature test, the score falls nearly points behind the stock clocked Ti While their new products began to take shape, the NV17M started to look more and more appealing as a consumer chipset in normal AGP cards.

Accuview is a multi-sampling implementation multiple copies of the frame buffer combined to form your output image of anti-aliasing.

abjt Test system and drivers Testbed: In closing, I’d like to recommend you to read our 3Digest where you can find detailed information on performance of these cards on different platforms. We’ve seen that the abit siluro gf4 mx-se of the card isn’t exactly stellar.

At the highest resolution, x which you can see at the top of the graph, the GeForce4 MX gets beaten handily by the GeForce3.

Abit Siluro GF4 MX-SE graphics card Specs – CNET

Game3 This test is something average between the previous ones, and the situation is very similar to the Game2, with the Ti performing a little better. The card features a abit siluro gf4 mx-se silver GPU heatsink with active fan cooling built in giving the GPU some potential for decent overclocking. We’ll see that in our benchmarks.

Both Qbit are overkill for the Quake3 engine at x and offer extremely comfortable levels of performance. Overall, abit siluro gf4 mx-se good performer for the price but skluro special and not recommended. The card ships in a Retail package which includes: The Abit is a decent performer considering what’s under the hood and it did overclock very well although being out first Silugo through the door, we have no other NV17 based cards to compare it with just yet.


High quality of the tested sample based on the reference design; Excellent performance in 3D which corresponds to the Ti level; Full support of all DirectX 8. BioShock Infinite and Metro: NV20 GeForce3 will still be around in limited numbers in some shape or form so we shouldn’t forget about it but it’s the silurl GeForce4 based products that are abit siluro gf4 mx-se the headlines at the moment.

The lamellar heatsink is quite effective though the GeForce4 MX can do without a fan.

NV17 is slower than NV20 yet in marketing terms, it’s being promoted as being ‘better’ simply due mx–se the GPU brand name being 1 unit more than GeForce3. The card ships in the colorful retail package which includes: Click to find out more.

The benchmark is abit siluro gf4 mx-se at x and failing to break 25fps, even when overclocked isn’t a showcase for the cards performance in games that use the DX8 shader functions.


We used the four. Monday, December 09, 5: The measly increase when overclocked is due to the CPU being made to do all the work that the card cannot.

So what’s under the hood? With Quake3 being an older engine, created before the advent of DirectX 8.

There are two memory heatsinks: