All information provided is subject to change at any time, without notice. Optimize popular games to play on Intel Graphics. Frequency is measured in gigahertz GHz , or billion cycles per second. A smaller size indicates that the process to create the chip is newer. A timelapse shows a long passage of time sped up.

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It is easier to obtain better performance when using virtualization if it is hardware-assisted.

≫ Intel Core iM vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | CPU comparison

Refer to Datasheet for formal definitions of product properties and features. AES-NI are valuable for a wide range of cryptographic applications, for example: MMX is used to speed up tasks such as adjusting the contrast of an image or adjusting volume.

An on-die Digital Thermal Sensor DTS detects the core’s temperature, and the thermal management features reduce package power consumption and thereby temperature when required in order to remain within normal operating limits. AVX is used to help speed up calculations in multimedia, scientific and financial applications, as well as improving Linux RAID software performance.

Prices may vary samsung intel core i3 2330m other package types and shipment quantities. Out-of-order execution is used in CPUs to make use of instruction cycles that would normally be wasted due to delays. This means you can have significant performance samsung intel core i3 2330m in certain applications. A smaller size indicates that the process to create the chip code newer.


Downloads for Intel® Core™ i3-2330M Processor (3M Cache, 2.20 GHz)

samsung intel core i3 2330m Lithography refers to the semiconductor technology used untel manufacture an integrated circuit, and is reported in nanometer nmindicative of the size of features built on the semiconductor. A bus is a subsystem that transfers data between computer components or between computers. The number of memory channels refers to the bandwidth operation for real world application.

Thermal Monitoring Technologies protect the processor package and the system from thermal failure through several thermal management features. Did you find the information samsung intel core i3 2330m ijtel site useful? Processor Graphics indicates graphics processing circuitry integrated into the processor, providing the graphics, compute, media, and display capabilities. Dynamic frequency scaling is a technology that allows the processor to conserve power and reduce noise when it is under a light load.

Idle States C-states are used to save power when the processor is idle. A Thread, or thread of execution, is a software term for the basic ordered sequence of instructions that can be passed through or processed by a single CPU core. You can search our catalog of processors, chipsets, kits, SSDs, server products and more in several ways. Embedded Options Available indicates products that offer extended purchase availability ocre intelligent systems and embedded solutions. It also allows you to samsung intel core i3 2330m bit applications.

In this setup, a processor can utilise all cores at the same time, or just ihtel single core for low-intensity tasks. Listing of RCP does not constitute a formal pricing offer from Intel. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung Exynos Frequency is measured in gigahertz GHzor billion cycles per second. It enables an environment where applications samsujg run within their own space, protected from all other software on the system. Samsung intel core i3 2330m can provide powerful performance or increased battery life respectively.


C1 is the samsung intel core i3 2330m idle state, C2 the second, and so on, where more power saving actions are taken for numerically higher C-states. Highly samsung intel core i3 2330m applications can get more work done in parallel, completing tasks sooner.

MMX is used to speed up tasks such as adjusting the contrast of an image or adjusting volume. An instruction set refers to the basic set of commands and instructions that a microprocessor understands and can carry out.

The information herein is provided “as-is” and Intel does not make any representations or warranties whatsoever regarding accuracy of the information, nor on the product features, availability, functionality, or compatibility of the products listed. OpenGL is used in games, with newer versions supporting better graphics. Clear queue Compare 0.