The magnets hold the narrow neck closed well, but they also want to close it as you are trying to put the driver into it. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The large titanium clubhead is triangular-shaped and deep-faced, and is slightly more rounded and traditionally shaped than the original r7 CGB MAX driver head. I enjoyed your review my finding is similiar. Hitting a solid shot is easy to do, and when contact is made, wow, what a sound.

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With this combo and a ball position changeLomited started hitting straight, long drives that carry as far as many of my drives had previously finished rolling. Fine tuning may require the purchase of additional weights. If you were to compare the two, would the R7 Limited be a better choice for a 60 yr old with a taylormade r7 cgb limited ss?

TaylorMade r7 CGB MAX Limited Driver

I briefly tried the draw setup 16 g. Just received my free shoes. For no draw or fade bias, use the gram weight in the middle port.

Simply stated yds farther and straight. Long term, I think it may make taylormade r7 cgb limited in that you can buy a couple of these iMix shafts once, and then re-use for years to come.

The answer depends on what kind of player you are.

Incredibly forgiving and easy to launch high and long, it is also adjustable to promote increased distance and accuracy. Can you change anything besides the shaft and the CG location in the clubhead? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


The new R9 features an even more softened triangle, though the shape is still recognizable, and the r7 Limited head from front to back is deeper than the R9. I was happy to hear that the r7 Limited comes taylormade r7 cgb limited a magnetic closure headcover.

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Despite my end-of-winter swing, I was able to work into a groove off and on with taylormade r7 cgb limited r7 Limited. It has a slightly more penetrating flight with better roll out. Basically, the ball left the premises in a hurry, stage right.

TaylorMade r7 CGB MAX Limited Driver |

Firm-tipped shafts taylormade r7 cgb limited help aggressive swingers to attain a lower ball flight and discourage a right-to-left trajectory, both of which promote added control and accuracy. Several functions may not work. It seemed taylormade r7 cgb limited go just as far in the air and continued to run on the ground when it hit.

You can hit it taylormaade or low. First of all, the reason they have professional fitters is to do just that, fit you properly. The Matrix Ozik XCon is ultra-light 55 grams with a medium-soft tip, and is engineered to deliver added kick through impact and to promote a high launch angle and low spin-rate.

I came to prefer the occasional smother-hook to the odd block-push, because the block-push had a nasty habit of going OB or into water. Even TaylorMade has a reasonably priced driver the burner. I would assume if it does half decent, TaylorMade would offer something similar to the iMix system. Only 25 yds you may ask, but a 9 iron instead of a 7 or better yet taylormade r7 cgb limited 6 instead of a taylornade, yes its a big difference.


I recall emailing Erik about his impressions of the R7 Limited driver and whether any plans were in place for a review.

I purchased an R7 limited on Tuesday taylormade r7 cgb limited a stiff ozik 5. Apparently, the additional carry and reduced rollout offset each other, but carry is always more accurate than roll. Subscribe If you’d like to get the taylkrmade golf equipment reviews and information about free golf equipment give aways, please subscribe by providing your email address below. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

Taylor Made R7 CGB Max Driver

The nine included weights allow for CG locations. I have it fitted with a Vista Tour and the thing really is a beaut. That should also cut down on the left bias issue with my liited.