A release code will be generated which allows you to display your print job at the kiosk. ITS PrintIT uses Wepanow technology as the campus-wide public printing solution with physical print locations in many public areas. Didn’t find what you were looking for? For Version 5, open C: Who does this affect? Two-sided printers will print documents on two sides by default. Choose how long to wait for a user to login after a print request.

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Select your school and proceed wepa print selecting Next. A release code will be generated which allows you to display your print job at the kiosk.

Choose whether to prompt users to log out after wepa print print.

This will uninstall the mac wepa print app. If the active directory option window appears, select whether to use machine credentials for AD login. Wepa print for an wepa print is really easy! Print from smart phones, home computers, USB keys and anywhere within the system of printers. Service News There are no recent news items for this service. Remember to just log in at the print station to see all of your documents — you do not have to use the codes if you have an account.

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Credit balances include any type of gift card wepa print reloadable cardseGift card, and mobile application. Choose how long to wait for a user to login after a print request.

How to Print | wepa Support

The mac wepa print app will automatically be checked. A window will wepa print prompting you to login to your WEPA account which will place the uploaded file in your account.

Print IT is a pay-per-print kiosk that allows you to print from anywhere, securely, to any one of our Print IT kiosks wepa print campus. Thompson Library to receive personalized help at wepa print kiosk.

The wepa print printer will be set to the option previously set before installing the Mac Wepa print App. What does this mean? The file is available in the cloud for 24 hours.

Choose Continue and accept the terms of the license agreement.

Wepa Printing

If there is no login, the print attempt will be canceled after this amount of wepa print. Choose continue to proceed in the installation process. Some parts of this site work best with JavaScript enabled. Windows computers and Surface Pro tablets. Endpoint Leasing – Apple.


No, Print IT funds are for your use only, non-transferrable. Click the cog in the lower right corner for settings. See below for information on the following wepa print Users will be automatically logged out of the application after a set amount of time. Select Options Before Printing. These choices become locked and it is not possible to change them. Pay for only what you want to wepa print. Set the value to 0 to disable the session wepa print. The printer icon will appear in lower Mac toolbar indicating wepa print document is being processed.

After you choose the school, you are notified that this choice can only be changed by uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

Wepa Printing — Office of Information Technology

Who do I contact with questions? Download this and run it.

Select your school or institution.